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Keep everything simple, including your diet and exercise. For Libra women, Saturn in your feminine fourth house can spotlight hormonal and reproductive health. Home and family could be weighty topics in , as structured Saturn visits Capricorn and your domesticity zone. Maybe it's time to get serious about homeownership, parenthood or putting down roots? This could be an "empty nest" year for some Libras, or a time when an aging parent becomes your responsibility.

Your relationship with your mother or a female relative could go through a rocky but important transition. Have you outgrown your crew? Eclipses in your friendship sector this January and August can reshuffle your alliances. The year ends on a vibrant note once Jupiter starts a month visit to your social third house in November. Welcome to the Year of You! Let others take care of their own needs, because you need to fly free. For now, cast a wide net. Sign up for classes, take vacations, get a "bridge job" if a 9-to-5 is sucking your soul dry. In the second half of the year, relationships could go through radical changes, or you might start clicking with an avant-garde group of people.

At last! Adventurous Jupiter in your sign makes you fall in love with your own life again. Unconventional Uranus starts an eight-year visit to your committed relationship house in May, bringing fascinating and quirky people into your orbit. Existing partnerships can go through big changes. You could shock yourself and your friends by choosing someone wildly different from your usual type. Under this impulsive transit, you may rush into and out of relationships at lightning speed. The burden has lifted!

In December , restrictive Saturn ended a three-year transit through your financial house that forced you to tighten your belt. Apply your hard-won skills and wisdom to building your nest egg now. Two eclipses in Leo ignite your career sector, which could bring exciting professional opportunities when you least expect them. Abundance is yours for the asking in November, once Jupiter starts a month visit to your prosperous second house.

With unpredictable Uranus leaving your health and fitness house after seven years, you can finally resume a more predictable pattern. You may have radically revamped your approach to diet and exercise during this time. Tech-savvy Uranus will make one last visit to Aries from November to March , so haul out your Fitbit and Vitamix.

With structured Saturn in your community zone, you might join a marathon or walk for a cause. Build your power posse, Scorpio! New friendships could form around common goals as serious Saturn visits your social third house. Mixing work and play will be a no-brainer, and don't be surprised if you "uplevel" the type of people you call friends. Two eclipses in Aquarius touch your domestic fourth house which could bring a move, a pregnancy or unexpected changes at Chateau Scorpio. Cultivate a practice to help yourself surrender and tune into the divine flow.

Your ruling planet Jupiter is in your twelfth house of closure and endings, wrapping up a year life cycle that began back in In , trying to force things will be a useless battle. Cultivate a practice to help yourself surrender and tune into the divine flow: meditation , music , art , charity work , journaling. Heal with a therapist , do some forgiveness work, face old demons. This will be the dawn of a new year chapter, one that will make sense of all the struggle or things that fell away.

Now, move forward with a clean slate and clear conscience. No more drama? Hotheaded Uranus, the planet of sudden change, starts its departure from your fifth house of love and passion mid-May, after a seven-year sprint. But with your ruler, Jupiter, in your fantasy-fueled twelfth house until November, you could be swept off your feet this year.

Saturn Sign

Is this person your soul mate…or just passing through? It could be hard to tell. Mid-July, an eclipse in your intimacy zone could find some Archers saying "I do. Give yourself that space. You'll emerge from the cocoon to spread your wings when Jupiter enters Sagittarius for 13 months in November. You've grown up so much, Sag, thanks to maturity-planet Saturn's three-year visit to your sign from to Now, frugal Saturn is bringing structure to your finance sector, pushing you to budget and prioritize long-term security.

Build that nest egg, Sag! You may need to live leaner, but your sensible approach will pay off over time. An exciting joint venture or unexpected windfall could arrive at the July 12 Cancer solar eclipse, which illuminates your wealth sector. In , there are also two full moons in Cancer, on January 1 and December 22, which could bookend your year with bountiful bonuses.

With Jupiter in your restful twelfth house until November, you could be sleepier than usual. Wave the white flag and focus your energy inward toward spiritual pursuits , healing and self-discovery. Trying to force an agenda will be an exercise in frustration, but when you surrender and let the universe guide, miracles will occur.

Luckily, you'll be saved from couch potato status mid-May, when innovator Uranus sweeps into your health and fitness zone for an eight-year visit. Get ready for an extreme makeover to your diet, fitness and lifestyle—one you'll probably welcome. Energy vampires , be gone! With Jupiter in your twelfth house of hidden agendas, "user-friendly" types will be exposed. Cut those codependent cords and get relationships back on healthy ground…or move on. Four eclipses this year bring new opportunities for friendship, travel and learning, so stay open to new people and experiences.

Your mother or a female relative could be a healing force from May through August, as Jupiter forms a golden trine to compassionate Neptune in your maternal fourth house. Bonds deepen with women and children and you may be inspired to learn more about your own lineage. Outmoded parts of your life and identity will fall away over the next three years, making way for a new and mature Capricorn 2. Get ready to rebuild! This is a time to take inventory: Where in your life are you out of alignment with your values and truth?

You might change anything from your appearance to your diet to your friendships this year. In the second half of the year, new romantic and creative synergies could spark up, and a July eclipse can bring an out-of-the-blue partnership opportunity, either romantic or professional. Your relationship to money, investing, sex, and intimacy will all get a makeover in , too. Romance with a twist? Unconventional Uranus will start an eight-year journey through your passionate fifth house this May, sparking desires that might surprise even you.

A pregnancy is possible. Monogamy doesn't need to equal monotony, and experimental Uranus could get the fires burning for longtime couples, too. In July, a solar eclipse in your committed relationship house might move things into official territory fast. Longtime duos will embark on a new chapter together, which may be a refreshing change of pace.

With accomplishment-driven Saturn your ruler in your sign for the next three years, you'll get serious about your goals! You could slowly and steadily build a solo venture into your next empire. If you're an expert in your field, Saturn may help establish you as a recognized and respected figure. Money management gets a makeover from this year's four eclipses in your financial houses. You could explore a joint venture, an investment or real estate, and you might field some unexpected job offers. With lucky Jupiter in your teamwork and technology zone, collaborations bring abundance.

Look no further than your social circles for promising hookups. Streamline and simplify. While disciplined Saturn is in Capricorn, you'll need to cut the excess and prioritize. Luckily, many Caps already take this "less is more" approach. Saturn rules time, and while he's in your first house of appearances, you may explore anti-aging treatments or natural ways to keep your vitality glowing. Or, you'll embrace the beauty of getting older. In November, Jupiter enters your healing twelfth house for 13 months, a transitional time to rest and go within.

Your efforts to establish firm roots hasn't been easy for the past few years. But in , sweet stability could come to your home life at last. Disrupter Uranus has spent the last seven years in your domestic fourth house. Since , you've had your share of ups and downs with a living situation. A female relative, possibly your mom, could have been a source of stress. Mid-May, Uranus departs, helping you settle into a deeper sense of security. With expansive Jupiter in your eleventh house of friendships, you could connect with a whole new tribe.

Embrace the spirit of community, whether it happens locally or virtually. This could be a fabulous year to travel with friends or to try an all-inclusive resort where you can meet new people. Every single major part of your life is going through a change this year, so buckle up and enjoy the ride. With expansive Jupiter in your career house until November, your ambitions could take you to far-flung places, perhaps even a new city or an executive suite.

This is one of your luckiest career years in over a decade, and with two eclipses in your sign, you could emerge as a surprisingly outspoken and trailblazing figure in your field. Your closest relationships will also undergo some shifts, as the people in your universe adapt to Aquarius 2. From May onward, you could get a sudden opportunity to move, buy or sell a home, or expand your family. While part of you is ready to put down roots and settle into a professional groove, fluctuating circumstances could challenge your efforts.

For example, you might need to travel for business or work long hours, which will demand extra efforts to juggle your obligations to relatives, romantic partners, and your own passion projects. Your personal needs and your approach to relationships are getting an overhaul. That could bring anything from a sudden split to a quickie engagement to improved dynamics with your longtime love. Balancing "me" and "we" is the greater goal of these eclipses—and always the holy grail for your independent but people-loving sign.

Cheers to your success, Aquarius! Expansive Jupiter is soaring through the top of your chart until November, bringing fresh possibilities to your tenth house of career and ambition. This could be one of your luckiest years in over a decade to take a calculated professional risk. You might settle into a steady gig, get promoted through the ranks or take an important new job that requires relocation or travel. Need a nap? Structured Saturn is spending the next three years in your restful and healing twelfth house.

Pushing yourself past the point of burnout will take its toll. You'll need to nip any people-pleasing habits in the bud and learn to say "no. If you work in a wellness or healing profession, Saturn can bring a boon for your career. Mid-July, a solar eclipse in your sixth house of health and fitness could give you a motivating push to change your lifestyle. Home is where your stuff is…and that's a mantra your nomadic sign can get behind. Changemaker Uranus, your ruling planet, will start an eight-year visit to your domestic fourth house this May. Between now and , you may move several times, buy a home or expand your family.

Your relationship with your mother, a child or a female relative may go through a lot of shifts with Uranus in your feminine fourth house. Meantime, Jupiter in your tenth house of fathers and men could strengthen your relationship with a male relative. Fascinating new friendships crop up at the end of the year, once Jupiter swings into your social eleventh house for 13 months.

Your career has been a particular challenge over the past three years, but in , inspiration reboots. Absence will definitely make your heart grow fonder—but so will having a fun co-adventurer to join you on the road. A team project or collaboration could get serious, especially if you join forces for a greater cause. Networking can also pay off, so ditch the energy vampires and level up your social circle to include people who are as generous as you are. Over the summer, a new romance, renewed passion and possibly even baby news could arrive. Freedom is your aphrodisiac!

The last two years had a heavy relationship focus with Jupiter in your commitment houses. You may have gotten serious with one special person or parted ways with a longtime love. Maybe you spent a good amount of time supporting your mate or disappeared into a "couple bubble. People who give you plenty of room to roam and, ahem, breathe are the ones you'll keep around. Travel, learning and even starting a business together could make your heart beat faster. For single Pisces, sparks could fly with someone from another culture or country. The July 12 solar eclipse in your romance house may bring love or even a pregnancy out of the blue.

The weight has lifted! In December , heavy Saturn finally ended a three-year trudge through your career house that challenged you to be more structured. If you weathered slowdowns or setbacks, the pace will now accelerate. You could do a complete from pessimism to optimism, as new possibilities crop up all year. Bountiful Jupiter is in your enterprising ninth house until November, getting you back into blue-sky thinking.

And in November, Jupiter will start a month journey through your career sector, which might be your luckiest professional year in over a decade. In May, unpredictable Uranus will end its seven-year run through your financial zone, making it easier to stabilize your work and money. Fresh air, please! With worldly Jupiter in your outdoorsy ninth house, you'll be your happiest in wide-open spaces. Combining physical activity with time in nature will make your spirit soar during this big-picture year.

Four of this year's five eclipses will touch your health and healing houses, which could inspire you to change your diet, fitness routines or lifestyle. Some Pisces will deepen their interest in spirituality or adopt a new healing practice. Friends with benefits? Not that kind, Pisces! In , your networking can pay off handsomely and connect you to a compatible new tribe. With ambitious Saturn in your group activity house for the next three years, be discerning about the company you keep. Seek a solid community of like-minded people who are up to big things, like you!

Mid-May, unconventional Uranus moves into your social third house until Gather with kindred spirits around a common cause—and prepare to meet people who show you a whole new outlook on life. Head over to our love horoscope hub to find out what astrology says about your relationships, and listen in to how the AstroTwins put together their predictions on this special mbg podcast episode. You are now subscribed Be on the lookout for a welcome email in your inbox!

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What we have said applies on condition that Venus or Jupiter is not under the rays of the Sun because if they are, they will not be beneficial. Saturn, lord of the 8th WS is partilly on the ascendant of the city. Divided by twelve, one gets Additionally, one can use the following reasoning from Anthology as well:. The malefics are angular in the 4th and oriental, while the ascendant of the city is the midheaven of the conjunction. The Moon is in her fall in Scorpio, where Mars of the triplicity shift is located!

As the malefics conjoin every two years in the following zodiacal sign, the period — is under the sway of the conjunction in Capricorn. Saturn is LOY, actually lord of the spring quarter since the angles are cardinal; nevertheless, the Aries ingress chart is still very important in its significations throughout the entire year!

The Moon is in the 8th in its exaltation, denoting death and destruction as it is still in partile trine to Saturn in the 4th. Interestingly enough, bot the autumn and winter quarter charts repeat Libra on the ascendant, with Saturn in the angle of the 4th! Theoretically,most probably during their opposition, in June But also represents a strong possibility, for the obvious reasons already presented. Which year is more dangerous then? Ibn Ezra once more:.

The illustration Ibn Ezra provides is stunningly similar to the chart of the current small conjunction so it deserves to be quoted at length:. I assign one year to each sign; hence in the 12th year the terminal sign of the conjunction reaches the place Mars. Also, at the revolution of the year we should observe the place of the planets and their aspects to Aries which is the terminal house.

Sagittarius and the 7th house will be the place of the profected conjunction in The declaration came during the extraordinary session held by the parliament and transmitted via TV. The Syrian constitution termed the President would start ruling the moment he sworn in. As for knowing the quantity of their life-spans from the second division — i.

Then one moves the degree of the ascendant for his body, and that of the midheaven for his authority, and the periods of both of them are rotated together. Then, if the prorogation and the period of the two together arrive at misfortune, one judges cutting off of life. If the corruption is of one of them without the other, one should judge from that corruption. If the degree of the ascendant arrives at the malefic, and the misfortune is strong, one should judge cutting off for him. If the misfortune is not strong, one should judge illness for him, if the prorogation from the degree of the midheaven is sound.

Mercury governs the 12 th and the 9 th. Almost the same result is obtained by taking a third part of the sum of the lesser years of the Sun 19 and Mars 15 in the 10 th — eleven years and four months. There was a partial solar eclipse on January 4, which was visible from the entire Middle East.

The chart is cast for the moment of maximum obscuration in Damascus. The ruler s of the eclipse are a no-brainer. Both the houses holding benefics are malefic and signify grief, suffering, affliction, death and destruction. In the profected ascendant of the conjunctional chart i. On top of all that, lord of the big mundane fardariyat was Scorpio — which is the 7 th of the Syria chart containing the Moon [and the Mars of the triplicity shift].

Middle fardariyat belongs to the Sun in the 12 th of the independence chart and disposed by Mars, applying by square to both malefics conjunct in Cancer and the retrograde Jupiter in the 6 th by opposition. The small fardariyat , participating with the middle one, belonged logically to Mars — again.

Mars of the eclipse chart is in an exact opposition to Mars of the accession chart in the 10 th. Approximately three and a half months later [just a tiny bit sooner than the position of the eclipse in the mid-heaven would signify, according to theory. The two malefics conjoined on July 31, at in the 1 st degree of Libra, which is the WS 1 st of the accession chart and of the conjunction itself the two ascendants being in the same, 15 th degree of Libra according to my rectification of the accession chart! A considerable number of high-ranking [military] officials have deserted him in the course of rebellion where the lady of the ascendant is posited.

It seems that a major essential debility of a planet is not such an impediment when the majority of other important factors make its condition favorable.


Libri mysteriorum. The reason why some stars in their humiliations offend a lot and other offend little. There are differences in the humiliations of the stars as far as the damage is concerned… as for Venus, it humiliates itself in Virgo, but it agrees with this sign owing to the feminine nature and besides almost everybody knows that Virgo means dancing, singing harmonies, lyres and other musical instruments and the search for marriage, all the things which are typical of Venus. Moreover, Venus has its humiliation in the XXVII degree of Virgo which is not far from Libra, its domicile; we can therefore say that it is similar to a worried and distressed man who briefly goes from distress to cheerfulness and joy.

An intriguing picture emerges. Both the full Moon prior to his accession and the one occurring prior to Aries ingress were in the bounds of the greater malefic — Saturn! Indicators pertaining to Aries ingress chart of the year in which acceder accedes. If the lord of the 7 th place from Saturn is in a strong position and the planets push management to it, it indicates a large number of people rebelling against him, fighting against him and defeating him?

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Lord of the 7 th place from Saturn Scorpio is Mars. Only one planet will push its management to it — the Moon, by opposition without reception. If one wants to know what kind of condition and nature he has…then one should look at the lord of the first lot, i. If the lord of its house applies to it otherwise than from opposition, this indicates the goodness of the obedience of the subjects toward him. If the lord of the house of Saturn is in conjunction with it, this indicates his power over his subjects and his victory over his enemies.

In the Aries ingress chart of , Saturn is peregrine and occidental in the malefic 12 th house. If Jupiter aspects Saturn it indicates…the weakness of rebels and his victory over them, especially if Saturn is unstained in his house. It is necessary also to look at the 10 th place from the ascendant and from the Sun. If it is in a fixed sign and the benefics are situated in them, this indicates his good fortune, and the large amount of his superiority and might. If the planets are in those two positions in their exaltations, or are eastern , or in their hayyiz, or in a northern latitude increasing in motion this is best for that.

If the lord of the 4 th or 7 th place is in the ascendant is in the ascendant or midheaven, this indicates the obedience of his enemies toward him. No planet is in the 10 th place from the Sun. As for the triplicities in which the conjunction indicating the lengthiness of lives of kings occurs, they are the triplicities in which Saturn has a witness. If the conjunction is in Taurus at his accession, this indicates a period of one conjunction. If in addition, the Moon and Venus are good in their places, this increases those life spans.

If Saturn is in one of the houses of the inferior planets and they aspect it, and it is received, it indicates the lengthiness of their life spans. Could it be that Assad stays the entire 3 rd term as the president of Syria? Discovering the knowledge of the length of their periods is divided in its consideration into two divisions: the first is from the revolutions if the years of the world and the conjunctions, the second, from their accession.

As for the consideration from the revolutions of the years of the world and the conjunctions, one looks at the revolution of the world-year in which the acceder accedes, then one looks at Saturn. Knowing that time is found from the amount of its movement in its sign and the remaining amount, each degree being taken for a year, each 5 minutes for a month and each 12 seconds for a day.

The contrary to sect Mars in the 10 th of the accession chart is activated in accordance to its lesser years — 15, which is another concurrent testimony. The distributor indicates any fundamental problems during the period and of what type they are; the partner indicates the source of the problems, especially if it is in a bad condition. The state of participator is highly problematic and has been causing trouble to put it mildly!

Could it be this about to change in the near future? Transiting Mars as a contrary to sect malefic has just entered the bounds of Venus, moving very slowly on the way to its first station in the 28 th degree of Libra within three degrees of the primary directed ascendant, squaring mid-heaven of the accession chart even more exactly! When Mars wavers [ stationary, especially in its first station ] in the sign of the religion of a people, or in its opposition, and that year is near to the completion of the period of the acceder, his ruin is in that year.

Libra also happens to be the ascendant of the triplicity shift in AD which announced the new religion, Islam. From the point of view of the mid-heaven, a possibility of being violently overthrown by treachery, imprisoned? Will he manage to get re-elected this year?

fitness sur mesure

Schmidt Jupiter is very powerful as his heliacal rising phase occurred within seven days prior to the date, is in its sect and fast. The same is testified by the SR north node on the profected ascendant. Now to the mid-heaven. The place of its distribution in Cancer is cadent in the SR 9 th , but is again unimpeded by the SR malefics, which is good.

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  8. The profected lord of the mid-heaven is the Sun unimpeded by any SR malefic but impeded by Mars in the accession chart! Whichever of these is in a cardine or in a laudable and strong position, is the indicator of the acceder in that year. If it is free from misfortune and harm, especially coming from the lord of its 4 th , 6 th , 7 th , 8 th and 12 th places, this indicates his safety in that year.

    In the SR chart , the term lord of the midheaven is Mercury and the lot of elevation, victory and prosperity is located in Libra in the 23 rd degree. The Sun is in the 9 th house. Mercury is still under the beams and retrograde though near its second station within 7days! However, the Aries ingress chart for the first quarter of is pretty problematic in its overall indications for the region as cardinal Libra on the ascendant necessitates 4 separate charts for every quarter of the year and Mars is in the 1 st house in both the spring and the summer quarters while the winter quarter, amazingly, again displays Libra ascendant!

    But potentially the most dangerous indication pertaining to Assad, to reiterate, is Mars retrograde in Libra in the 1 st , in the bounds of the primary directed ascendant of the accession chart; lord of the midheaven, the Moon, is in its dejection in Scorpio and applying to a retrograde Saturn under the earth. The threat is further reinforced by the already mentioned repetition in the Cancer ingress of Mars on the ascendant in Libra is almost exactly on the ascendant of the accession chart.

    Capricorn carrying the strongest significations. The time of the appearance of the indication s in the case of earthy triplicity is either four or eight conjunctions after the shift. Mars will be stationary direct on May 21, so this could prove a dangerous period for the peace in the region — apart from his turning retrograde in the beginning of March along with Saturn! The fighting is likely to take a turn for the worse i. The SR chart — The Sun from the SR 6th is in a partile, still applying square to that Mars without reception which is a very dangerous indicator for his authority.

    But theoretically, as the SR chart is nocturnal, the Moon should be given preeminence in examining the indicators of his safety in that year. It is sextile the Sun and opposed by Saturn. If his entrance was in the day…and if the malefic aspected the Sun, and the malefic were Mars and he were exalted above the Sun from the midheaven, and the Sun were in the ascendant in a movable sign, some one of the citizens of that kingdom will be turned against him who often terrifies him; or his end will be by means of death and killing.

    After this look at the sign of the midheaven and its lord to see where he is and who aspects it and the lord of the midheaven…which if indeed the malefic were in the same place [the midheaven] he will find great difficulties in that work, and whatever he earned will be taken away from him through martyrdom and being bound up, and by being deposed in the anger of his king. And if a benefic aspected the midheaven and there were not a malefic in the same place, the work will be an advantage and good.

    Hard to imagine, but time will tell. Indeed if there were malefic in the same place [the 4 th ] , he will find evil and impediment after he is deposited from the work, with prison and martyrdom and punishment and in extended imprisonment. Indeed if a benefic did not aspect the malefic which was in the 4 th , he will be conquered and undergo punishments, and he will die in that same prison.

    But if the lord of the 4 th were in the ascendant or in the 10 th or in the rest of the optimal places, cleansed of the malefic, and likewise the lord of the domicile of the Moon, it signifies the good end of the work. It has been running under the opposition from Saturn since the beginning of January and will remain under his malign influence till the beginning of March.

    At the same time, the monthly profected midheaven meets SR Mars in Libra as well. Another one is 6 November — 4 December when monthly profection arrives in Aries and then the monthly profection in Libra 24 April — 22 May For, wherever it is in them, he meets disaster on the day of the lord of the sign in which it is.

    If the Moon has a mixture with the lord of its place, it is surest and most true in its indication, especially if it is the house of a planet agreeing with it. In the revolution of the year , the Moon was in Libra, its lord Venus in Pisces. Whenever it may occur, some Friday is likely to be the day of reckoning for Al-Assad, the Lion of Damascus. Sahl bin Bishr instructs us to look at the ascendant, its ruler and the Moon. She is joining no planet and none of the planets is being joined to her so I turned to the Moon in Libra for supporting testimonies.

    I think there are several important points to consider. The outcome — two days later, greatly relieved, the man sent me an SMS confirming the veracity of my judgment. He also spoke about future global affairs culminating in WW 3 and his visions were recorded by his daughter Anna. Now what does he have to do with the horary chart delineated in this text? Well, he prophesied that not long after a great black leader has died, riots would erupt in South Africa, leading to a bloody civil war.

    Mandela is represented by the ascendant in Taurus close to Algol , its lady Venus and the general co-significator, the Moon. Peregrine, occidental Venus in the 4 th in Leo with its twelfth part in the bounds of Saturn! For one, Venus being joined by the Moon in its own fall from the sign of her detriment by square is one reliable testimony. Both of these are perfected nearly in the same number of degrees — five and a half.

    I thought weeks would be most appropriate,but…. Four and a half months later, on 5 December, Mandela died — a month earlier than the number of degrees seemed to symbolize. However, after inspecting it with greater care trying to squeeze the right moment out of it, actually! As 8 th house lord, he has the final say in the matters of death. Brice Taton sustained severe head and chest injuries when Toulouse football fans were attacked in the Irish Pub in central Belgrade by a strong group of hooligans armed with iron bars and baseball bats on September 17,