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They are self confident and independent in most life matters.

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They have big egos and can be the selfishness itself but in the same time they can be helpful and caring when they want to. The Fire element in Sagittarius is also connected to the ninth house of career and work place and with a mutable quality.

This means that amongst the zodiac signs under Fire, Sagittarius is the one whom is ambitious and determined but also knows how to adapt and accept any changes that come on the way. These people are adaptable and innovative leaders of tomorrow. Fire in association with Water Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces : Heats and then makes things boil up and can be a combination hard that requires caution when managing. Earth needs the action of Fire to get new purposes. Fire in association with Air Gemini, Libra, Aquarius : Produces heat and makes things reveal new aspects.

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Heated air can show the true meaning of various situations. The zodiac signs are divided across four elements fire, water, earth and air and quadruplicities cardinal, mutable or fixed. The Quadruplicities, like the elements, showcase qualities of the signs and help to give deeper insight into the complexity of each sign. Sagittarius is a mutable sign. The mutable quadruplicity of Sagittarius is softer than that of the Cardinal quadruplicity found in its fellow fire sign Aries. Mutable signs are adaptable and are likely to change. These signs enjoy discussing new ideas and are known for being responsible and trustworthy.

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People born under the Sagittarius sign are optimistic and honest. In some cases this optimism met with your brutal honesty may come across as tactless to more sensitive signs of the zodiac. These misunderstandings often lead you to question what happened to upset the person, since you were trying to be approachable and genuine. At times, Sagittarius lacks a certain level of diplomacy in their effort to be true to themselves and others. You may often speak your truth or share your thoughts on a subject whether it is well received or not.

Sagittarius is extroverted and has the need to explore, grow, learn and travel. You love an audience and sharing what you know and how you have grown with others. At times, you may be prone to gossip or to over-sharing what you know in the name of full-disclosure. You are witty and tend to use sarcasm as humor. As a person born under the Sagittarius sign, you are a free spirit and easily fall in love.

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In love, you need your partner to respect you autonomy and to help you keep your independence while in the depths of love. You are ambitious and keep following your goals wherever and however they lead you. There are a number of traits and characteristics associated with the Sagittarius sign. Some of these are considered positive and others negative. Sagittarius is known for the following:.

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As is the case with all human beings across the zodiac, even Sagittarius has less appealing attributes. Sagittarius can be tactless, but can overcome this by listening to the feedback others provide. In some cases, this is being more aware of the nonverbal cues when someone is showing discomfort by what you are saying.

Respect the feelings of others more than sharing the truth as you see it. You often have difficulty understanding what motivates others and even their emotions. Take the time to listen and repeat what they say. At times, you may be less diplomatic than you think. Take the time to observe a room and the people before speaking. It will help you to read the room better to avoid mishaps. Other Sagittarius sign traits and characteristics include:. The desire for honesty and truth of the Sagittarius sign may, at times, make it difficult to resolve conflict.

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  • Especially since Sagittarius have some challenges understanding the motives and emotions of others. Conflict resolution involves a number of strategies across contexts. It is often a matter of understanding what is best for the situation, which is often challenging for a Sagittarius who believes strongly in the importance of truth and honesty.

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    In the case of conflict and communication, the philosophical nature and open-mindedness of the Sagittarius is likely to shine through to help provide perspective by taking the view of the others involved to help minimize the conflict. It takes working through the hot temper to get to this point, but the Sagittarius has the optimism to do it. There are a handful of personality traits exhibited by a person with the Sagittarius sign that impact relationships. Sagittarius is a lover of possibilities, and to that end, they are more reluctant than other signs of the zodiac to commit to one idea, let alone one person without feeling a profound sense of freedom and independence in their relationship or decision to commit.

    A Sagittarius is a lover, and often falls in love frequently.

    They often enjoy the independence of open-relationships to marriage. Not all Sagittarius want a queue of partners as much as their autonomy in a relationship. As an idealist, Sagittarius will often seek this out in love and relationships. To capture the attention of a person born under the Sagittarius sign, it is best to be honest and open-minded to what this free-spirited fire sign has to share.

    Be up for adventure and explore the world with them. It is no surprise that employees under the Sagittarius sign love to work independently, while also full of ideas that the eagerly want to share with the team.